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On a cold, snowy Sunday morning, February 25, 2007 to be exact we (Dominion Christian Church then) were born in Laurel, MD. Even in the snow people came from miles around (Eastern Shore of Virginia by bus, Delaware and all over the DMV) to witness our humble beginning. And now, we are nine years old.

At age nine, most children are becoming more interested in helping make major decisions that affect the family, and are capable of taking on more responsibilities around the house. “Dominion Church@JOY HOUSE's (DC@JH) major decisions are to LOVE, WORSHIP, and SERVE.”

Children at the age of nine also tend to want a certain amount of organization, and may want to keep track of their activities and schedules. “You’ll see, DC@JH aims to be organized, and excellence in our purposeful assignment is our motivation. And yes we do keep track of our scheduled activities and so can you! You can always find out where we are and what we are doing by checking the events calendar on this website. You are always welcome to LOVE, WORSHIP, and SERVE with us.”

At age nine, many children are increasingly expanding their social circles to include more people outside of mom and dad. “We are so "the typical" nine year old. We have structured our ministry to reach out to the community and to serve. And our vision is to create a Jesus-culture with friends, real people, just like you!”

At the same time, nine-year-old children still need and want the security of their relationship with their parents, and are greatly influenced by their parents' example. “We LOVE our "parent," He is our heavenly Father, God! And we must say, He is the greatest influence in our lives!”

Also, a nine-year-old experiences physical changes of puberty. “This is certainly true! Change, the positive kind, is evident as we are growing! As we grow the Lord is increasing our territory for Him. We are cultivating and changing our world one person at a time just like Jesus did when He walked this earth.”

Body image and eating problems sometimes start around age nine. “We are always mindful of our "Body Image." Our desire is to represent the "Body of Christ" well and always with a spirit of excellence, but “down to earth.” And we are careful to eat the right things, having a diet that nourishes the Spirit Man for renewed strength day by day.”

“One last thing...part of our story includes some pretty awesome children, like D’andre Thompson. At age two D’andre developed a strong, passionate love for our church. He wants to come to church all the time. As a matter of fact, he enjoys our church so much that he affectionately calls it "Joy House!" Hence, the name Dominion Church@Joy House. And that's just what our church is...Joy House…Joy lives here!”

As nine-year-olds, we are excited about changing the culture for Jesus and we hope you will become a part of our story as we become a part of His story. If there's anything else you'd like to know about us, just ask! Contact us.

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