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Introducing...Pastor Edd
Elder Edward "Edd" Olds
What am I passionate about?

I'm passionate about you receiving Jesus, worshipping and teaching you the truth. And I am driven to LOVE because Jesus first loved me.

What are my qualifications?

I realized my purpose and God-given assignment to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in October 1995. I preached my initial sermon in February 1996 and was ordained in January 2003.

As a leader I am empowered by the Holy Spirit. My Spiritual Gifts are: Wisdom, Administration, Discernment, Music, Pastoring, Faith, Prophecy, Encouragement, Craftsmanship, Teaching, and Helps.

I have an undergraduate degree in communications from Bowie State University, graduate studies in marketing at the University of Maryland College Park and a masters in Theology from Faith University and Schools...and my greatest qualifications come from the many real-life experiences!

What about my family?

I love family! And I have the awesome privilege to pastor my family, my wonderful wife, Sheilah, our sensational sons Alston and Aaron, my marvelous mother Jacqueline and an extended family and church family.

So, I am a real, fun-loving, caring and giving person just like you, with life challenges just like you. And I can’t live without God in my life and helping others to decide to embrace Him too.
Introducing…Elder Sheilah

“A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband…” — Proverbs 12:4

My dear wife is loving, loyal, giving, kindhearted and peaceable, and speaks the truth…in love. She is the perfect fit for me and a caring and nurturing mother to our two sons.

“A gracious woman retaineth honour…” — Proverbs 11:16

She loves Jesus Christ, his people and those in need of a Saviour. She is graciously anointed and was assigned by God in January 2007 to preach His liberating truths. She’s received instruction from some of God’s most greatly anointed Christian Education institutions such as the Perfecting Saints Leadership Institute at the Kingdom Worship Center, Towson, Maryland.

At DC@JH Elder Sheilah is affectionately known as the Leading Lady. Her Spiritual Gifts are as follows: Poverty, Helps, Discernment, Giving, Faith, Hospitality, Intercession, Knowledge, Mercy, Leadership, Apostle, Encouragement, and Healing. And, she selflessly and passionately leads other women and young women by example in being patient, prayerful and peaceful.

Wow! What else can I say…she’s my gift and an asset to the Body of Christ!
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