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Our Ministries
Ministry of LOVE - Overall The Ministry of LOVE’s goal is to ensure everything is done in and with a spirit of love. As well, to ensure love is fully extended to our church family (internally) and especially to our guests and those we meet externally during ALL times of ministry. This team is spiritually empowered by the spiritual gifts of Encouragement, Exhortation, Mercy, Intercession, Hospitality, Helps, Service, Giving, Craftsmanship, and Discernment.

Ministry of WORSHIP – The overarching goal of the Ministry of Worship is to lead the people as led by the Holy Spirit during every worship gathering/encounter. This team, the Spiritual Leadership, responds to the Holy Spirit and leads the people accordingly in all things. Further, this team is also governed by the Spiritual Gifts of: Pastoring, Prophecy, Encouragement, Teaching, Exhortation, Wisdom, Knowledge, Mercy, Intercession, Service, Giving, Faith, Leadership, Administration, Writing, Music, Discernment, Miracles, Healing, Tongues Speaking, and Tongues Interpretation.

Ministry of SERVICE – The Ministry of Service takes place on two levels, service to the Lord and service to the Lord’s people/others. As well, service is extended internally (inside the church) and (externally outside the church). Internally, service satisfies the operational needs of the local church. Externally, service is extended through outreach efforts and campaigns through such events as Common Unity (Community) Sunday, Servant Sunday and Meditation and Message Sunday. This ministry encompasses the Spiritual Gifts of: Helps, Service, Administration, Evangelism, Missionary, Encouragement, Exhortation, Wisdom, Knowledge, Mercy, Poverty, Intercession, Helps, Service, Giving, Faith, Leadership, Administration, Craftsmanship, Discernment, Celibacy, Miracles, and Healing.
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